Anna Mburu Parents: 7-year-old Missing Lowell girl found dead in Merrimack River

As the public searches the internet for information on the missing person case in Lowell, we will provide details about it here. Everyone is using the internet to research the case because it has been a long. In addition, the general public uses the internet to learn about fresh developments in the Lowell missing person case. As a result, we have included information regarding the missing case in this post for the benefit of our readers. Not only that, but we’re also going to provide information on any fresh developments in the case when people look it up online.

Anna Mburu
Anna Mburu Mother

Who are Anna Mburu Parents?

Tragically, the ongoing search for a missing girl in Lowell has been called off. I-Team sources claim that the body of Anna Mburu, 7, was discovered in the Merrimack River. “We are all heartbroken to be here this afternoon to report that it appears that the end of the search has come with the recovery of a body of a young child, preliminarily identified as 7-year-old Anna Mburu,” Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said in a statement. At around midday, according to Ryan, Anna was discovered in a river close to the Trull Brook Golf Course in Tewksbury.

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Environmental police were able to find an image that they believed to be Anna using side-scan sonar, according to Ryan. Due to recent rains, the river is 4 to 6 feet higher than typical, so dive crews swiftly explored the area. Only 15 to 20 yards separated Anna from the water. She was eight to nine feet under the surface. Ryan remarked, “As you can understand, Anna’s family is currently experiencing an unbelievable tragedy. While also expressing their gratitude, they have asked for privacy throughout the coming few trying days. Anna, a nonverbal autistic woman, was last spotted riding her bicycle around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday in the Belvedere neighborhood of Lowell, close to East Merrimack Street and River Road, according to investigators.

Anna Mburu

She vanished from the family’s driveway on Monday, at which point her family alerted the police. Numerous police departments joined a large search that included members of the public. Police had earlier on Tuesday requested that neighbors search their home and any security cameras they might have for any indications of her whereabouts. She is a lovely young lady. She’s hilarious. She enjoys painting. She enjoys painting. She enjoys painting. Lisa Labrecque, Anna’s art teacher, joined the search on Monday morning. “I’m just thinking about the family and how they must be feeling right now,” she said.

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