Baltimore Mass Shooting Victims Identified: Who were Kylis Fagbemi And Aaliyah Gonzales?

A mass shooting incident occurred in Baltimore where two girls dead and many minors were left injured. The victims of the mass shooting were identified as Aaliyah Gonzales and Kylis Fagbemi. Aaliyah Gonzales reportedly had just graduated from high school. A brutal mass shooting at a Baltimore block party sent shock waves throughout the United States on Sunday night when the incident occurred. On July 2, 2023, a shooting spree cost the lives of two girls and left many injured. Baltimore Police Officers have started an investigation into this case. Has any suspect been arrested in this case? Kindly read the following sections to learn this. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Kylis Fagbemi

Who were Kylis Fagbemi And Aaliyah Gonzales?

According to the authorities, Baltimore Police officers responded to the shooting scene at around 12:35 am following multiple calls about a shooting in the 800 Block of Gretna Avenue. Officers found one woman dead and many others injured with gunshot wounds upon arrival. The girl who was pronounced dead at the scene was identified as Aaliyah Gonzales. She was 18 years of age. While another girl who was 20 years of age identified as Kylis Fagbemi was declared dead at a hospital. She succumbed to a fatal gunshot wound. Shift to the next section and read more about the shooting incident.

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The authorities also confirmed that other 28 people aged from 13 to 32, were left seriously injured in the shooting incident. Fifteen victims are under the age of 15. Baltimore Police have admitted all the victims of the mass shooting at a hospital in the area. Acting commission of Baltimore Police, Richard Worley said during a news conference on Sunday afternoon dozens were injured after a mass shooting at a Baltimore block party and at least two” suspects opened fire. He further said, “All we know right now is that we had multiple (shooters) open fire on a large crowd of people who were out during the block party. We don’t know if they were targeted or if (the shooters) were just shooting indiscriminately down the street,”

After the tragic incident, Aaliyah Gonzales’s mother posted on social media a series of her pictures, “MY BABY!!! Worst day of my life! I cannot do life without her, I NEED HER!! Why would they do this to a perfect angel? I love you so much, baby. I didn’t get there fast enough. God this is a mistake!!! Please!!” An investigation has started, and the authorities are seeking information from the people who witnessed the mass shooting.

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