Happy Birthday Grimace McDonalds, end purple shake

It seems that the month that was full of purple milkshakes and bizarre videos on TikTok has come to an end as McDonald’s posted a tweet on Twitter that appears to be a farewell to McDonald’s Grimace. Last month, McDonald’s Grimace celebrated his birthday and this month it seems to have come to an end. The viral Twitter post reads, “U made me feel so special ty say goodbye Grimace now”. This thread was shared on Twitter by McDonald’s on Friday at 12:41 pm. It features a photo of purple Grimace who is wearing sunglasses and waving his hand. You are asked to stick with this page and go through this article till the end to know more about it. Swipe down the page and take a look at the following sections.

Grimace Shake TikTok Trend

Happy Birthday Grimace McDonalds

The fandom site of McDonald’s says Grimace is a large purple creature of indeterminate species, basically, he is a best friend of Ronald McDonald’s. Recently, McDonald’s started a promotional campaign to celebrate “the lovable purple guy” featuring a birthday meal a Big Mac, a media Grimace’s Birthday Shake which is a berry-flavored purple milkshare, and medium fries. This birthday promotional campaign began on June 12. Continue reading this article and more details about it.

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Grimace Shake TikTok

It is not clear whether the milkshake is still being sold in the stores but the website of McDonald’s cited that it was available for only a limited time. Grimace replied to many comments and tweets on the goodbye post on Friday. In reply to a comment if the shake would stick around, Grimace responded, “Koi, the Grimace’s Birthday Meal is available at participating store restaurants, while supplies last. you can connect with your fave restaurant to share your preferences or check out our other nearby stores for the same.” Know more details about Mcdonald’s Grimace in the next section. Scroll down the page.

Happy Birthday Grimace McDonalds

On Friday, at 4:57 pm Grimace posted another tweet that reads, “I just had the best birthday ever I am happy so many memories”. However, Grimace’s birthdate celebration has come to an end. People who enjoyed the berry-flavored purple milkshake also commented on bizarre TikTok videos. One person wrote, “It was fun while it lasted Grimace” McDonald’s has not indicated if the Grimace’s birthdate celebration has finally been over or not but it had been announced that it will be only for a limited period. The latest post from McDonald’s said Goodbye to Grimace.

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