Is Agent 00 Married? Does Agent 00 Have a Wife?

Is Agent 00 married? As of the year 2023, it appears that the popular content creator and basketball enthusiast Agent 00 is currently not dating anyone and stays single.

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Who is Agent 00?

Agent 00 is a famous video gamer and Youtuber. He is an individual with a passion for video gaming and rose to prominence as a prominent authority on NBA 2K gameplay through his captivating YouTube channel. With a vast and devoted following of over 1.7 million subscribers, he has solidified his position as one of the leading sources for NBA 2K-related content in the gaming community.

His YouTube videos offer a diverse array of engaging content, showcasing his expertise and genuine enthusiasm for the game. Among the highlights of his channel are thorough explorations of the latest NBA 2K features, where he meticulously tests and analyzes their functionality and impact on gameplay.

He embraces challenges within the gaming world, demonstrating his remarkable gaming skills and strategic prowess in various competitions. These challenges provide viewers with exciting entertainment while also offering insights into the game’s mechanics and strategies.


Is Agent 00 Married?

No, Agent 00 is married. Nor, Agent 00 is dating anyone currently. In the year 2023, there is no romantic attachment in Agent 00’s life. This well-known personality, widely recognized by the alias “Agent 00,” is presently single.

It has been officially verified that he is not in a romantic relationship with anyone at this particular point in time. Therefore, he is not actively involved in dating or pursuing a romantic partnership.

Agent 00 Wife

Agent 00 does not have a wife, as he is not married. Agent 00 is not engaged to anyone and he is not even dating anyone currently. It seems Agent 00 is not ready to discuss his personal life in public. In January 2013, Agent 00 embarked on his journey as a content creator by establishing his YouTube channel under the moniker “CallMeAgent00.”

Despite taking a few months to hone his content, he released his inaugural video in the gaming realm of Grand Theft Auto three months after creating his channel.

This marked the beginning of his online presence and showcased the start of his captivating content-creation venture. From that point forward, Agent 00’s channel steadily grew, captivating audiences with his unique style and engaging content, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the gaming community.

Agent 00 Real Name

Din Muktar is the real name of  Agent 00. Aside from feature testing and challenges, the gamer also provides in-depth reviews of NBA 2K games, sharing his honest opinions and evaluations with his dedicated audience. His critique covers various aspects of the games, including graphics, gameplay mechanics, and overall enjoyment, assisting his subscribers in making informed decisions about their gaming preferences.

Over time, his channel has cultivated a strong sense of community, drawing in fans and fellow gamers who share a common love for NBA 2K. Through interactions in the comments section and other social media platforms, he fosters a vibrant and supportive community of basketball gaming enthusiasts.

How Old is Agent 00?

 Agent 00 was born on April 23, 1996, in Canada. Agent 00 is currently 27 years old. The famous gamer’s birth sign is Taurus. As his popularity continues to soar, this talented video gamer has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to his craft, consistently delivering high-quality and original content that resonates with his ever-expanding audience.

His YouTube channel remains a go-to destination for all things NBA 2K, making him a remarkable and influential figure in the gaming world.

Where is Agent 00 from?

Agent 00 is from Canada. As a citizen of Canada, Agent 00 is a very proud gamer among his fan followers. In January 2013, this individual took the initiative to establish his YouTube channel, choosing the name “CallMeAgent00.”

Agent 00 mentioned Kobe Bryant as one of his beloved athletes during a Q&A session in the year 2016. Additionally, he holds membership in the YouTube collective known as AMP.

How Tall is Agent 00?

Agent 00 has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches (168 cm). In November 2019, an individual achieved remarkable online recognition through a captivating YouTube video titled “PLAYING EVERY SINGLE NBA 2K GAME IN ONE VIDEO…”. This video garnered an astounding number of viewers, surpassing 6.2 million views.

The video’s content showcased the person engaging in a unique and ambitious endeavor: playing every NBA 2K video game that had been released up until that point, all in a single video. This remarkable feat captured the attention of a massive online audience, solidifying the individual’s presence as a prominent figure in the gaming community and leaving an enduring impression on fans and viewers alike.


Agent 00 Ethnicity

The YouTube star Agent 00 is of mixed ethnicity. After three months, in 2013, Agent 00 published his inaugural video on the platform. The video’s content featured gameplay from the popular game, Grand Theft Auto, marking the beginning of his journey as a content creator on YouTube.

It seems Agent 00 is more focused on his gaming Channel work, he is busy as a Youtuber. So, he does not have time for his personal life or to date anyone currently. 

Agent 00 Youtube


Is Agent 00 Married? – FAQ

1. Is Agent 00 Married?

No, Agent 00 is married. 

2. Who is Agent 00?

 Agent 00 is a renowned video gamer and YouTuber known for his passion for gaming, particularly NBA 2K gameplay. He has garnered a substantial following of over 1.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

3. What type of content does Agent 00 create on his YouTube channel?

Agent 00’s YouTube channel offers a diverse range of engaging content related to NBA 2K. He showcases his expertise and genuine enthusiasm for the game through thorough explorations of the latest NBA 2K features, meticulously testing and analyzing their functionality and impact on gameplay.

4. How has Agent 00 established himself as a leading figure in the gaming community?

With his captivating content and impressive gaming skills, Agent 00 has become a prominent authority on NBA 2K gameplay. His vast and devoted following on YouTube has solidified his position as one of the leading sources for NBA 2K-related content in the gaming community.

5. What makes Agent 00’s YouTube channel stand out?

Agent 00’s YouTube channel stands out due to his exceptional gaming skills and strategic prowess demonstrated in various gaming challenges. These challenges not only provide exciting entertainment to viewers but also offer valuable insights into the mechanics and strategies of the game.

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