Padam Gurung Found Dead Inside Sikkim’s Namchi Town: Death Cause Explained!

Padam Gurung has been found dead: This shocking news is viral on the internet. This news is trending right now. He was a 22-year-old man. He was found dead under a very mysterious condition inside a big drain which is located in Sikkim’s Namchi town. The Namchi Government College president. The college’s students planned a demonstration in reaction to this terrible event, starting from the college’s location in Upper Kamrang village and ending in Kisaan Bazaar in Namchi town. The students demanded information and requested permission from the college principal and Namchi district police to speak up and demand justice for their deceased leader. They were driven by a strong desire for justice.

Padam Gurung Found Dead

Padam Gurung Found Dead Inside Sikkim’s Namchi Town

The town of Namchi is in disbelief and sadness following the finding of Padam Gurung’s dead body inside a sewer. The fact that the events of his death are still unknown makes it much more important to conduct a thorough inquiry in order to learn the truth and hold those responsible accountable. Padam Gurung, who was well-known for his outstanding leadership abilities and commitment to helping other students, had a bright career in front of him. The sadness of his death not only shocked the college community, but the whole area. One of the members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) has demanded justice for the victim.

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Padam Gurung Death

The Namchi Government College students held a demonstration in an admirable display of unity to convey their sorrow, demand information, and demand justice for their beloved president, Padam Gurung. The march, which attracted a sizable crowd, started from the college grounds in Upper Kamrang hamlet and traveled through Namchi’s streets until arriving at Kisaan Bazaar. The students’ main goal was to bring Padam Gurung’s case to light and urge the authorities to launch an exhaustive inquiry into the events that led to his unfortunate demise. The college’s principal and the Namchi district police gave the students permission to march through the streets with banners and posters holding messages calling for justice.

Padam Gurung Found Dead Inside Sikkim

Students at Namchi Government College are angry and troubled about the unsolved death of Padam Gurung. Their march, which attracted a sizable crowd, serves as a moving reminder that the desire for justice is universal and cuts across all class and age divisions. The authorities now have a responsibility to listen to their requests and carry out a thorough inquiry to put an end to this unfortunate tragedy. It is important to uphold Padam Gurung’s legacy as a young leader who dedicated his life to improving his society by making sure that justice is carried out and that future occurrences of this kind are avoided. May his soul Rest in Peace and we wish that he get justice as soon as possible.

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