What Happened To Kirsty Ward? family release statement following her death in Spain

The rising number of deaths are representing the crime rates. We are constantly hearing the tragic news and most of them pointed out the heinous crimes. In this lineup, we would like to draw the attention of our readers to a recent incident that is showing a murder mystery. A name has recently appeared in the news showing a woman has been found dead at Spanish Resort. During the investigation, the woman has been identified as Kirsty Ward. The cause of her death is creating the scenario of the murder. The mysterious death of the Irish woman is causing tension in the world. Her dead body was found at the Spanish Resort of Salou.

Kirsty Ward

How did Kirsty Ward die?

The case is already under investigation and police are looking to grab the necessary evidence and details in this case. The 36-year-old woman was on vacation and came to Spanish to commemorate her vacation but she never thought that it would be her last trip. Her family has been informed and wants a strict investigation regarding this matter. Her death is under tragic circumstances and it is tough to make any comment on the cause of the death.

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The incident is suspected to case of murder and other guests of the hotel are shocked by this news and worried for their safety. According to the reports, on Sunday night, hotel staff found the lifeless body of Kirsty Ward in one of the corridors of the hotel which shows that she was trying to run away from her suspected killer. The reports state that she was strangled to death with a ligature. During the investigation, the police found a clue against the suspected murderer. The suspected killer is identified as her 30-year-old beau. He was already detained at the crime scene and police are interrogating him.

Apart from it, it was also disclosed that the suspect had a self-inflicted wrist injury when found next to the body of Kirsty Ward. However, the exact events directed up to the tragic incident are still under probe. It is yet not known what made her beau kill her. After his arrest, the suspect comes up prior to the court hearing at Tarragona’s Court of Violence Against Women. The court session is going on but the update has not been shared by the court. We need to wait in order to get these details. The judge decided to provisionally remand the suspect to jail without bail. What charges have been made against him is not known. Our sources are trying to find out it and we are hoping to get more details.

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