What Happened To Sonia Azizi? San Diego California Real Estate Broker Died By Cancer

This is to inform you that a well-known real estate agent named Sonia Azizi from San Diego, California passed away unexpectedly. Since Sonia Azizi was pronounced dead, people have described her as a cherished personality and a generous person who helped many people. Sonia Azizi was working at Compass as Realtor. And she was the founder of Team Azizi. Being a renowned real estate agent in California, she had a very expanded network and contacts. Therefore, innumerable people have taken over their social media accounts and expressed their sorrow over her passing. What happened to her or how did she die? If you are scrambling to know the cause of the death of Sonia Azizi, the further sections of this column will let you know it. Swipe down the page and know more about her.

Sonia Azizi

How did Sonia Azizi die? cause of death explored

Being a dedicated real estate agent, Sonia Azizi had consistently delivered unprecedented results for her clients and become one of the top real estate agents in California. She was ranked in the esteemed top 1.5% of real estate agents. As of yet, numerous people have reacted to the news of Sonia Azizi’s death on social media. ZZabie Sahial said I’m speechless, Sonia Azizi, you were a pioneer and will leave behind a legacy. You challenged others to get better by example. I’m at a loss for words, as I am sure the entire industry is today too. You will be missed.

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While Steven Wener who watched Sonia Azizi’s journey from struggle to triumph, from divorce to super mom, from daughter to get her mom home, described her as a fearless, exciting, dynamic, and loving person. He further added, “The world lost such an amazing woman yesterday, her name is Sonia Azizi. I remember when she started at our office at Whissel Realty. She was so timid at first and then I couldn’t believe the lion she became.” Scroll down the page and read what happened to her.

As of yet, nobody has disclosed the actual cause of death San Diego real estate agent. She died unexpectedly and untimely which left people perplexed and stunned as well to think about her cause of death. But due to lack of information, Sonia Azizi’s cause of death can not be explained at this time. Her family must be having a difficult time therefore they have not released Sonia Azizi’s official obituary. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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