Who is La Knight Wife? Know Everything About La Knight

Who is La Knight’s Wife? La Knight is an American Professional Wrestler born in Hagerstown, Maryland, United States people are very curious to know Who is La Knight Wife

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Who is La Knight Wife?

So who is La Knight’s Wife? According to our research, La Knight’s wife is Michelle Yavulla. La Knight is a American Professional Wrestler. He was born in Hagerstown, Maryland, United States on 1 November 1982.

Real Name Shaun Ricker
Name La Knight
Profession American Professional Wrestler
Date of Birth 1 November 1982
Age 40 years
Birth Place Hagerstown, Maryland, United States
Height 1.85 m
Weight 104 Kg
Nationality American
Wife Name Michelle Yavulla

Who is La Knight?

La Knight is an accomplished professional wrestler and actor known for his exceptional talent and contributions to the world of entertainment. Born on November 1, 1982, Ricker hails from Hagerstown, Maryland, USA.

In his early years, Ricker exhibited a keen interest in sports and entertainment. He discovered his passion for wrestling at a young age and embarked on a journey to pursue it as a career. He began his training in various wrestling schools, honing his skills and developing a unique in-ring persona.

Ricker made his professional wrestling debut in the early 2000s and quickly gained recognition for his charismatic personality, athletic prowess, and superb wrestling abilities. He adopted the ring name “Eli Drake” and rose to prominence in the independent wrestling circuit. His performances caught the attention of major wrestling promotions, leading him to sign with Impact Wrestling (formerly known as TNA) in 2015.

During his tenure in Impact Wrestling, Eli Drake became a top star, winning multiple championships and captivating audiences with his sharp wit and powerful mic skills. His catchphrase “Dummy, Yeah!” became synonymous with his character and was widely popular among fans.

Beyond his wrestling career, La Knight has also ventured into acting. He has appeared in various television shows and films, showcasing his versatility and range as a performer.

La Knight’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and talent. He continues to be an influential figure in both wrestling and acting, inspiring aspiring wrestlers and actors worldwide. With a legacy of entertaining audiences with his charisma and skill, La Knight’s impact on the world of entertainment remains significant and enduring.


La Knight Biography

La Knight’s life story is a captivating journey that leaves one curious about the man behind the wrestling persona. From his early days in Hagerstown, Maryland, where he was born on November 1, 1982, to becoming a globally recognized wrestling sensation and actor, Ricker’s rise to fame is filled with intriguing moments.

The enigmatic wrestler discovered his passion for the sport at a young age, but what drove him to pursue a career in the highly competitive world of professional wrestling? How did he master the art of captivating audiences with his witty mic skills and captivating presence?

As he transitioned into acting, one might wonder about the challenges he faced and the roles that truly resonated with him. What inspired La Knight to venture into new realms of entertainment, and how did he manage to balance both wrestling and acting?

Behind the scenes, there is much to uncover about his determination to stay in top physical form, maintaining a height of 1.85 meters and a weight of 104 kilograms. What training routines and diet regimens has he adopted to stay at the peak of his game?

La Knight’s biography leaves us with a host of questions, but one thing is certain – his journey is a testament to the power of passion and hard work in achieving success in multiple spheres of the entertainment industry. As we eagerly follow his future endeavors, we remain captivated by the enigma that is La Knight.


La Knight Age

In 2023, La Knight is celebrating his 41st birthday with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Born on November 1, 1982, in the vibrant city of Hagerstown, Maryland, USA, Shaun’s journey in the world of wrestling and acting continues to shine brightly. At 41 years old, he is a living testament to the power of passion, dedication, and positivity.

Throughout the years, La Knight has achieved remarkable success in his chosen fields. As a professional wrestler, he has captivated audiences worldwide with his charismatic personality and extraordinary skills in the ring. Beyond wrestling, he has embraced acting, showcasing his talent on both television and the big screen.

With each passing year, Shaun’s zest for life and love for his craft only grow stronger. His age is a mere number as he defies expectations and continues to inspire aspiring talents, proving that one’s dreams can be realized with unwavering determination. As he enters this new chapter of his life, the future holds endless possibilities for La Knight, and fans eagerly anticipate the greatness he will undoubtedly bring to the stage and screen.

La Knight Height And Weight

La Knight, the renowned wrestler and actor, stands tall with a height of 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch) and boasts a robust physique, weighing approximately 104 kilograms (230 pounds). His imposing stature not only gives him a commanding presence in the wrestling ring but also reflects his dedication to maintaining peak physical condition. Ricker’s height and weight are ideal attributes for his wrestling persona, allowing him to display a remarkable combination of strength and agility during his performances.

With a height of 1.85 meters, La Knight possesses an advantage in reaching and maneuvering around opponents, while his weight of 104 kilograms provides the necessary power to execute impactful moves in the ring. These physical attributes, combined with his exceptional wrestling skills and entertaining charisma, have endeared him to fans worldwide. They have also contributed to his impressive success and numerous championship reigns throughout his wrestling career.

La Knight Nationality

La Knight’s nationality is American. Born on November 1, 1982, in Hagerstown, Maryland, USA, he proudly represents the United States on the global stage. As an American citizen, Ricker has made significant contributions to the world of professional wrestling and acting, earning recognition and admiration both domestically and internationally.

Throughout his career, he has showcased the spirit of American determination, resilience, and showmanship, becoming a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. His achievements have brought pride to his home country, and he continues to be an inspiration to aspiring talents in the United States and beyond.


La Knight Career

La Knight’s career is a remarkable tale of versatility and success in the entertainment world. Starting in the early 2000s, he embarked on his journey as a professional wrestler, displaying a passion and determination that quickly set him apart. Adopting the ring name “Eli Drake,” Ricker’s charisma and sharp mic skills propelled him to stardom in Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA). He secured multiple championship victories and established himself as a top talent in the promotion.

Beyond wrestling, La Knight ventured into acting, proving his talent extended beyond the ring. His performances on television shows and in films showcased his range as a performer, earning him recognition in the acting realm as well.

Ricker’s height of 1.85 meters and weight of 104 kilograms contributed to his formidable presence both in wrestling and on screen. With his captivating personality and dedication to his craft, he has garnered a devoted fanbase that appreciates his passion and talent.

La Knight’s career exemplifies the power of embracing one’s passions and exploring different avenues of the entertainment industry. As he continues to evolve and surprise audiences, his impact on wrestling and acting remains profound, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

La Knight Wife – FAQ

1. Who is La Knight Wife?

La Knight ‘s Wife’s name is Michelle Yavulla.

2. Who is La Knight ?

La Knight is an American Professional Wrestler.

3. When did La Knight was born?

La Knight was born on 1 November 1982.

4. How old is La Knight?

He is 40 years.

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